“I am a no nonsense trainer who's driven by the results of my clients!”

Thai "THE THAIGA" Edwards

My company and I stand out for two major reasons:

1.) In a competitive market such as this, I created a niche for myself being a culinary chef unlike most trainers. Not only am I able to create food plans, I can PREPARE the food. 70% of weight-loss is nutrition, while the other 30% is being active, being consistent, and having a good work ethic.

2.) Not only can I train you, I can teach you how to train yourself. My clients learn to become self sufficient so that they are never at loss if they’re on their own traveling, busier schedule, etc. Clients learn proper form and workout routine and techniques that they can apply to their daily lives. I give clients motivation and the extra push to get started, but they leave empowered with their own applied knowledge confidence and self-motivation. That’s what a REAL trainer will do for you, teach you the discipline and provide you with the knowledge so that “YOU” can make it apart of your lifestyle so that you can enjoy living happier, healthier longer while looking damn good doing it!

Body Couture Personal Fitness was established in November 2008. I had a clear vision throughout high school as a dedicated two-sport athlete, that sports would be a part of my life forever. I continued my basketball career after high school advancing overseas upon graduation. After playing two consecutive seasons I returned to Dallas, Texas to begin my modeling and acting career and later on played Semi-Pro Football. Although rewarding, I wanted to make a greater impact as well as take what I had learned as a professional athlete and share my knowledge with others. When I’m not on working on a movie or television project you can find me in the studio using my skills and years of experience teaching others the importance of fitness and nutrition, in hopes that they’ll make it a part of their life like I have mine. “I am a life changer. Some people are born champions, while others are made!” I have a proven reputation for making them… I can help you Are you next?