Body Couture Personal Fitness was founded for one reason. The goal was to provide the most effective method of personal training for individuals to accomplish their goals. The majority of this website define why and how we’re different from our competitors and how we get to know what our clients need. However the main purpose of this page is to show you why training at Body Couture Personal Fitness is so unique and effective.

At Body Couture we are passionate at what we do, and work hard at staying in the forefront of personal training utilizing proven old school and modern day methods of weight training and physical conditioning.

Our coaches at Body Couture practice what they preach. Many of us hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees in sports science, and undertake further study to ensure we’re always at the cutting edge.  While a few of us are former or currently hard-core fitness competitors and bodybuilding pro’s and who have learned how to aesthetically transform a body through years of constant study but most importantly by trail and error! The coaches at Body Couture love people who are enthusiastic about fitness and are serious about making a life-changing transformation. We are constantly learning and developing new ways on making this a reality for you!

We’re driven by the incredible sense of fulfillment when we help someone achieve their goals – no matter if they’re an elite athlete or a middle-aged housewife. We have proven 100 times over that anyone can change themselves and their bodies, if they totally commit their mind, will power and spirit into doing so. As your personal coach we will move mountains to ensure that each and every client who enters through our doors leave feeling happier, confident, healthier and ultimately looking better over time.

We never impose our own goals on a client. We listen, advise and then coach with that specific goal in mind. We are here to get a very specific job done. That job is the one that you set for us – to achieve your own unique version of improved health, fitness and/or physical appearance. We don’t stand back, we jump right in an get involved in every aspect of your life that you’re willing to share to help identify the issues and bring about a positive resolution. No other way is appropriate for the commitment and investment that you are making in your health.

We hope this helps illustrate how passionate we are about our clients and how we feel about personal training. If we’ve achieved that then we’ve have shown you one of the biggest and most important traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer. If you’re still not sure what that feels like and how powerful it is, then we cordially invite you to come and meet us so you can see it for yourself!

*Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for results are not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!