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Body Couture’s K’LEAN Cuisine is for the busy health conscious professionals, athletes, busy mothers and weekend warriors who want to look and perform at their best and enjoy mouth-watering meals without having to stress over grocery shopping, counting calories and portion sizes.

You can select from our menu of pre-portioned, nutritious, high protein meals delivered to you or picked up at your gym. All you have to do is put them in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re ready to eat!

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, our food fits in perfectly with a healthy, active lifestyle. We focus on nutrient-dense ingredients, packed with all the nutrients your body needs to help rebuild your muscles & fuel the activities in your day-to-day life.

You are what you eat, and how you feel is directly related to what you fuel your body with. The quality of the food you put into your body determines the quality of your results. So when you place your order you can rest assured that you’re getting everything you need without all the things you don’t.

Our premade meals isn’t diet food its “REAL” food made K’LEAN (“kleen”) containing all the necessary requirements needed for optimum results in training competition, and the everyday grind! Our professional chefs, these same ingredients end up tasting great too!


All of our nutritional meals are low in fat and total calories, but come with a balanced macronutrient profile that will leave you feeling satiated, energized and ready for anything. Whether you’re looking to bulk up and build muscle or lose a little weight around the midsection, everything on our menu is dietitian-approved. Our K’LEAN cuisine is Real food made K’LEAN (kleen). All our food products and ingredients used to prepare our meals have not been refined or processed by any means. Our food comes fresh with no preservatives or additives, this ensures that each and every entree has the necessary nutrients that your body needs.


Body Couture Client clients care about their health – that’s the corner stone of our culture. In addition, many of them have chronic conditions including food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, weight loss goals, or medical diagnoses like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. It’s our job to create custom menus that satisfy their unique needs, while delivering the utmost in flavor and variety.

We believe that great food and nutrition has the power to change lives, and we see it happen daily with our clients.

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