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Body Couture is a group of health, fitness, and  culinary professionals who specialize in all aspects of personal training, nutrition, and food preparation. Our training techniques are derived from methods used in both professional sports and bodybuilding.

We take everyday people just like you and transform them from the inside out

We all love designer labels, but we believe that the best thing to wear is nothing at all. Call Us Today for a free consultation. our goal is for you to look, and feel good in the skin your in.

You don’t have to be a Model, Professional Athlete, or a Celebrity to look like oneThai Edwards

Personal Training

Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll put together a complete program that will start you on your way to feeling and looking the best you have in your life! All of our clients programs include a Health Assessment, Meal & Supplementation, and a detailed work out plan. At BODY COUTURE we tailor fit a Nutrition & Personal Training plan designed just for you!

Performance training

We can design a training program to best fit the demands of your specific sport or discipline. This way the athlete receives a comprehensive training approach. The athlete will be educated on all aspects of safety and the importance of their program. We will devise an individual performance program tailored to your specific needs. Yes we train all levels (Youth, High school, Collegiate, NFL Combine, & Professional.)

Nutrition Plan

At BODY COUTURE we know the secret to looking good and feeling your absolute best begins with what you put in your mouth. As part of our training program, our nutrition experts outline detailed nutrition plans specific to the clients needs.

Ready to have the body you always wanted?

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